Frequently asked questions

Do you need vehicle access to the setup space?

Yes, as close as possible. Some of the equipment is very heavy.

Do you need access to electricity?

Typically no, unless it is a special event which would be discussed

Can you do the living history display indoors?

Yes, but this does restrict what I can offer. For example I could not do hot metal working with a furnace or have a cooking fire. I could still do crafts such as flintknapping or cold metal working.

Do you provide risk assessments and have Public liability insurance?

Yes, risk assessments will be provided after a booking has been made. I have Public liability insurance with an indemnity limit of £5,000,000.

Can people have a go as a drop-in session?

No, this would be a workshop instead of a living history display. Visitors could handle replica objects when allowed but otherwise would be unable to participate unless it is a special event.

How much space do you need?

This depends on the type of event, though I can cater to most space allowances. If there is limited space, I will just bring fewer things.