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  • How do I mount my wheel well jack mount kit?
    In picture 1, the red arrows show the mounting locations. The two rectangular plates with 2 holes supplied with the kit go behind the cargo box support straps. It takes a little work to the get the plate between the forward box support strap and the cargo box because the strap is up against the box. You access the nuts for the forward mounting position from inside the cargo area. Picture 2 shows the plate orientation behind the box support strap. Once the jack is secured it the bracket with the hitch pin, by hand, turn the screw to raise the the jack against the hitch pin. This will keep the jack from moving around and rattling.
  • How do I install my sway bar disconnect kit?
    1. Un bolt the sway bar links from the rear trailing arms. 2. Starting on the drivers side, loosley bolt the disconnect bracket to the sway bar link. 3. Swing the link with the attached bracket up to the tube it will be clamped to. 4. To avoid scratches while feeding the clamp around the tube and bracket, wrap the end of the clamp with tape. 5. Once the clamp is around the tube and bracket, remove the tape and tighten the clamp. 6. Repeat steps 3-5 on the passenger side.
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